Pound Plus data collection form
Click the button on the right to download the 2013/14 Pound Plus data collection form. For more information on Pound Plus click here.
(Microsoft Excel Version 2007)

The data collection form is an Excel Spreadsheet, with multiple tabs, that allows you to record Pound Plus income and savings for the 2013/14 academic year. The form includes full instructions on the type of data to collect and how to record it.

It is your choice whether to complete the form for a single provider or for a partnership. The form will ask you to specify which you choose.

If you have any questions about the form or Pound Plus in general please contact Richard Boniface on 01772 734855 or email rboniface@rcu.co.uk

What is Pound Plus and why are we collecting this data?
The sector undertakes a large amount of activity that contributes to the wider delivery of community learning but this activity is not reported through existing mechanisms.

Sector representatives LEAFEA, HOLEX, AOC, NIACE and TNSLA welcome the opportunity to demonstrate this value, and would very much appreciate your participation in this initiative.

Version 1.4

Please complete and return the form by:
Friday 12th September 2014

Email completed form to:

The data is being collected and analysed by RCU Ltd on behalf of LEAFEA, HOLEX, NIACE, AoC and TSNLA. RCU is an independent research organisation who has worked with the sector for over 21 years. RCU is fully accredited under the Data Security Standard ISO 27001 and Market Research standard ISO 20252.

Data collected will be treated in the strictest confidence and details about individual providers will not be shared with third parties (including the Government or Government Agencies) or published in any way so that individual providers can be identified.