Using the most up-to-date occupational research, UKCES has selected 40 top jobs in 10 key occupations that their analysis of the UK job market suggests will be crucial over the next decade. The jobs are listed in the table below and cover occupations in: Agriculture; Business & Finance; Construction; Education; Health & Care; Information Technology; Manufacturing, Installation & Maintenance; Protective Services; Science, Engineering & Technology; and Transport & Logistics. (Click a column title to sort).


Sources: Working Futures 2012—2022, Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings

Aircraft maintenance and related trades (SOC 5235)

Jobholders in this unit group fit, service, repair and overhaul aircraft engines and assemblies. Licensed aircraft engineers are coded to UNIT GROUP 3113.

Estimated Growth in No. of Jobs


Source: Working Futures 2012—2022

Average Pay (Mean)

£/wk (2012)
U.K. average £519

Source: Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings

Projected Job Openings


Source: UKCES Careers of the Future

Average Weekly Hours

Source: Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings

Are the hard-to-fill vacancies in this occupation due to a skill shortage?


Source: UKCES Employer Skills Survey